6 June 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has warned the Opposition not to censure the performance of his previous administration and to concentrate on this government, which has been in the office for about five months.

“This government is just five months old, please remember. The previous government is the previous government.  This censure debate is about this Prime Minister and his cabinet.  Do not confuse the two otherwise it will cause damage,” said the Prime Minister, in reference to the Opposition’s plan to censure the Government and its predecessor, also under General Prayut’s premiership.

He said that the current government had continued some of the beneficial projects implemented by the previous administration.

He told the opposition not to confuse their personal dislike of him with affairs of state which, he said, are unrelated issues.  He also urged opposition MPs not to just raise questions during the debate, but to listen to the answers given by ministers.

The Prime Minister said he was not worried about the predictions, by a well-known astrologer, of escalating political conflict, leading to the dissolution of parliament. He also said that he believes good deeds will be rewarded.

“A soothsayer is always a soothsayer, but that does not mean I am insulting their predictions. I respect opinions based on astrology. The important thing is in the heart and mind if we are honest, transparent and do not cause trouble for the country [sic],” said the Prime Minister.

He went on to say that the prediction of dissolution of parliament might be farfetched, as he urged the public to look back at previous forecasts of astrologers to see whether they are reliable.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, who is also believed to be marked for censure by the Opposition, also warned them to stick to the performance of this current government, not the previous administration.