PM asks media not create stress with excessive political coverage

(Photo by Ye Aung THU / AFP)

Incumbent Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed his concern over the psychological effects on people who have been closely monitoring political developments since Sunday’s election and is pleading with the media to be more discreet in their news presentation in order not to add to their stress.

Colonel Athisith Chainuwat, assistant spokesman of the government, said today that, since the ceremonies related to the Coronation of His Majesty are due to start in April, the Prime Minister wants the Thai people to feel happy and the country to be peaceful, adding that the government does not want to see political problems used to cause confusion or conflict. The Prime Minister also suggested that the people should not over-consume political news, stay fit by exercising on regular basis and to take a rest.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Chatchai Sarikalya has urged the so-called pro-democracy political camp to stop calling its rivals pro-dictatorship, saying that such rhetoric tends to fuel hatred and political division which will not benefit the country. However, he declined to comment when asked about the announcement by six parties, led by Pheu Thai, about their efforts to form a coalition government.

The deputy prime minister asked for fair treatment of the Election Commission, which has come under heavy pressure over its handling of the Sunday’s election, noting that information about alleged poll irregularities on social media is not always true and readers should exercise their judgment.


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