PM appeals for unity to overcome COVID-19, drought and economic crises

File photo from Thai Government

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has appealed to the public to unite and join the Government in its attempts to overcome the scourges of COVID-19, drought and slowing economy.

In his statement to the people on Friday, the Prime Minister said some of the measures, adopted by the Government to cope with the threat of the COVID-19 contagion, are different from those in other countries because of the differences in population, situation and concepts, although the Government has also obtained help and practices from abroad.

He urged all sectors of Thai society, including the mainstream media, online media, the people and the business sector, to support the Government in its attempts to contain the virus, instead of nit-picking over minor issues, publishing distorted information or accusing the Government of complete failure in addressing the virus threat, drought or other problems.

He defended the Government against criticism that Thailand is not democratic and that his government does not embrace democracy, asking whether the administration has ever gagged the media.

Regarding water management, the Government claims that officials have been working at full capacity to find water sources to meet demand for consumption and agriculture.

On the economy, he said Thailand still relies on exports and tourism as the two main engines driving the economy, pointing out, however, the need for Thai people adjust to changing circumstances and technologies.

He assured the people that the Government will do its best for the people, but would like them to cooperate with the Government in the fight to contain the virus by not panicking, keeping themselves in good shape and trusting that the Government will prevail over the problems.


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