6 June 2024

Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat made a last-minute appeal to senators to uphold principles and to respect the mandate of the people, ahead of the joint sitting of the parliament today to select Thailand’s new prime minister.

In his Facebook post today, Pita, Move Forward’s sole prime ministerial candidate, said that, under normal circumstances and in accordance with the constitution of other democracies, the current political situation being experienced in Thailand, under which the parties which won a combined 312 votes in the 500-seat House, are still unable to form a government over two months after the general election, is unacceptable.

He cited the selection of the prime minister four years ago, when 249 out of 250 senators voted in favour of General Prayut Chan-o-cha as prime minister on the pretext that they voted in tandem with the majority in the House.

“Today, we command the majority in the House, hence, there is no reason why you (senators) should feel heavy-hearted about voting for me, if you adhere to the precedent,” said Pita in his statement.

The Move Forward party leader cited the vote on July 13th, in which many senators were absent or abstained from the voting, claiming that it is not the duty of senators which, he noted, amounts to blocking his bid to become prime minister.

He questioned senators who disapproved his prime ministerial candidacy, by accusing the Move Forward party of not being loyal to the monarchy, by asking whether their actions will be beneficial to the revered institution.

Describing the current situation in Thailand as being cloudy and grim, Pita urged senators to uphold principles and to respect the people’s mandate.

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