Pheu Thai to unveil post-election coalition this morning

All eyes will be on Pheu Thai party and its allies this morning when they call a press conference to declare that they have gathered enough political support to form a post-election coalition government.

Among them will be the Future Forward, New Economy, Seri Ruamthai, and Prachachart parties, according to sources in Pheu Thai which emerged the biggest winner in last Sunday’s election in terms of House seats.

However, it’s still unclear whether Bhumjaithai party, which is now seen as a political “king-maker”, will join the alliance.  Without Bhumjaithai, it’s most unlikely that Pheu Thai will be able to cobble up a majority coalition.  It needs the support of at least 250 MPs or more altogether to be able to form a majority coalition.

Key executives of Pheu Thai yesterday confirmed that Bhumjaithai leader Anutin Charnvirakul has been offered the post of prime minister if decides to join the Pheu Thai-led coaliation.

But a highly-placed source in Bhumjaithai told ThaiPBS World last night that Anutin had yet to respond to Pheu Thai’s offer.  “No decision has been made,” he said.

Pheu Thai is making a rival effort to form a coalition against the Prayut Palang Pracharat party which has also been courting Bhumjaithai and other smaller parties.  Palang Pracharat is supporting Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha’s return as prime minister.

One other party which plays a crucial role in the formation of the post-election coalition is the Democrat. The party suffered heavy losses in the general election but commands enough seats to be a decisive factor in the on-going process of setting up a coalition.


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