Phayao’s famous palmist predicts Gen Prayut will remain prime minister for long time

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was all smiles on Monday during a visit to the northern province of Phayao when a famous palmist told him that he would remain as the country’s leader for a long time

In a brief meeting with the prime minister, 78-year-old Kaewmoon Bua-ngern, a well-known palm reader in Phayao province, described Gen Prayut as strong-willed and generous and predicted that he would be successful in all of his endeavours.

However, the palmist took note of the prime minister’s temperament, saying he tends to be hot-headed and quick-tempered.

The prime minister was all smiles with the palmist’s predictions but jokingly cut him short.   “That’s enough, no need to read my palm further. Just knowing that (I) will be successful is enough,” he said before giving the palmist a hug.

The prime minister and his cabinet are scheduled to hold cabinet meeting in Phayao and Chiang Rai provinces today. 

They had a busy day on Monday, meeting people in Phayao province, inspecting Pracharath market, health care centre for the elderly and the disabled, visiting Muang Ruak village in Chiang Rai and etc.


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