6 June 2024

Phase 2 of the Government’s “Chim-Shop-Chai” (Eat, Shop, Spend) scheme attracted a massive response when it was launched this morning at 6am, with its quota of 500,000 subscribers being achieved in just one hour and 18 minutes. The number of subscribers is limited to one million per day and registration will be open for just three days.

Those interested can log onto the www.ชิมช้อปใช้.com website to complete the application form and choose the provinces in which they intend to spend the money, which cannot be their province of residence.  Within three days of registration, each subscriber will receive a text message advising them to load the G-Wallet 1 application for the 1,000 baht giveaway and G-Wallet 2 application for the right to receive the 15-20% rebate on their spending.

The Phase 2 scheme is intended for those who did not subscribe for, or missed out on Phase 1.  They are each entitled to a 1,000 baht cash giveaway, a 15-20% rebate on spending of between 30,000 and 50,000 baht.

Subscription is divided into two rounds, with the first round opening at 6am and the second at 6pm.  A total of 500,000 applicants are accepted in each round.

The ten million people who have already subscribed for Phase 1 of the scheme are not entitled to the 1,000 baht cash, but are entitled to the 15-20% purchase refund.

Subscribers do not have to be customers of the state-run Krung Thai Bank.

Phase 1 of the scheme has been hailed by the Government as a success, with many of the ten million subscribers spending more than the 1,000 baht giveaway and, hence, spurring the domestic economy.