23 May 2024

The Bang Sue district in Bangkok has declared the area where the latest 300 tonnes of toxic cadmium slag were found a Hazmat (hazardous materials) zone.

The slag was discovered stored in 190 bags in the warehouse of Lor Loha Thai Metal Company, located in Soi Riang Preecha off Pracharat Road.

Entry to the area is now prohibited and all activities are banned. A hazmat team has been dispatched to work with officials from the Departments of Industrial Works and Health.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, along with Industry Minister Pimpatra Wichaikul, visited the warehouse today.

The Bang Sue district will officially declare the area a “disaster zone” under the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act, BE 2550 (2007), the governor announced.

The Bangkok company shares ownership with J&B Metal Company in the Bang Nam Jerd sub-district of Samut Sakhon, where cadmium slag, originally from Tak province, was previously found.

The owners, Jessada and Wanna Kengrungruengchai, have been charged with storing a dangerous substance without a permit, and the 300 tonnes of cadmium slag have been impounded, albeit in situ for now.

Meanwhile, the Industry Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Nattapol Rangsitpol, stated that there is additional cadmium waste, stored in bags, which has not yet been weighed at the warehouses of J & B Metal Co., Ltd.

The bags were found both inside and outside the warehouses, Nattapol mentioned yesterday.

This re-inspection at the warehouses occurred after officials cross-referenced their findings with the inventory list seized during the initial inspection.

Officials are currently investigating possible routes by which the slag could have been shipped and are now checking warehouses in Sa Kaew province.