6 June 2024

Speaking to thousands of Chiang Rai people, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Cholnan Srikaew, announced that the party had nominated Paetongtarn Shinawatra as the party’s candidate for the country’s next prime minister.

In a campaign rally on Saturday night, at the Plong Wittayakhom School stadium in Thoeng district, which was attended by several of the party’s heavyweights, Cholnan told the audience that this was an auspicious opportunity to inform the people of the party’s nomination of Paetongtarn, in the presence of her brother, Panthongtae.

Repeating the party’s slogan “Think Big, Can Do for Every Thai”, Cholnan urged voters in Chiang Rai to cast their ballots for all eight election candidates in eight constituencies.

He said that, if the people vote for the Pheu Thai Party, they will get the party’s good policies, policies that can transform an ID card into an insurance policy, which every Thai can use to access to medical treatment at all hospitals.

He also claimed people in Chiang Rai are likely to see their income double, if they vote in unison to ensure landslide election victory for the party’s eight candidates in the province.

Addressing a cheering crowd, Paetongtarn said that Chiang Rai has good potential and that the Pheu Thai Party knowsthat there is plenty of land in the province which can be utilised to boost income.

She floated the party’s policies of allocating land on which the landless can make a living and amendment of laws which pose an impediment to development.

The party is scheduled to hold a major rally in Chiang Mai province today (Sunday).

Image Courtesy: Pheu Thai Party’s Facebook