23 May 2024

Office, are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, compared to about 16 million who expressed concern over the PM2.5 dust pollution.

The number of those concerned over the censure debate has dropped to 850,270 during the past seven days.

Super Poll also gauged the opinions of 5,032 people through Net Super Poll and another 1,158 through the Traditional Voice platform from January 22nd to 25th.

When asked about how happy they are after the Constitutional Court did not order the dissolution of the Future Forward party on January 21st, the respondents scored the decision 6.6 out of 10, not because they were impressed with the Government, but because they didn’t want to see the country descend into political conflict and they are ready to change their minds if a better alternative emerges.

The poll shows 61.9% of the respondents want the Government to address bread and butter issues as its priority and 53.5% want something done with MPs who misbehave and those who quarrel frequently.

63.9% of those surveyed are concerned about health issues, such as coronavirus, PM2.5 dust pollution, stress and depression. Meanwhile, 63.4% are concerned with economic problems and 59.2% worry about the political situation.