11 July 2024

The National Legislative Assembly on Friday passed in the first reading a labour bill which seeks to provide better protection to labourers.

Labour Welfare and Protection Department deputy director-general  Kittipong Laonipon said he expected to bill to be passed into law within this year to be a New Year’s gift for labourers across the country.

Under the bill, labourers are entitled to three-day business leave with pay – a legal right which has never been accorded to the labourers before, said Mr Kittipong, adding that it is not necessary to define what exactly amounts to necessary business leave.

He explained that writing a law to be specific about what constitutes to be necessary business leave will be too rigid and may not cover all the other necessities.

The bill also seeks to add eight more days for pay-maternity leave so new mothers will be entitled to 98-day maternity leave with pay instead of 90 days under the existing law.

Under the existing law, employers and the Office of Social Security will equally share the pay during the 90-day maternity leave.

For the eight additional maternity leave, Mr Kittipong said it was yet to be decided who would bear the financial burden.