Myanmar man missing after being swept into the sea around Samui Island

A Myanmar migrant worker went missing and is believed to have drowned after he was swept into the sea, as he was sitting on rocks near a viewpoint on Samui Island in Surat Thani Province on Monday.

The victim’s two friends alerted the emergency services, but efforts to search for the man were hampered by rough seas.

It is reported that the victim and two fellow countrymen visited the rocks in Bo Phut sub-district, but one of them went too close to the water and sat on a rock.

All of a sudden, a strong wave hit the rocks and swept the man into the sea. His two friends rushed to his rescue by jumping into the sea, but quickly climbed up the rocky beach for their own safety and sought help from others.

Officials on Samui Island have issued warning to tourists and locals not to swim in the sea or stay too close to the water due to the high waves. Small vessels were also advised not to venture out to sea.

The victim’s identity is not known, as his two Myanmar friends left the scene after the incident.


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