6 June 2024

A group of armed anti-military forces announced that they carried out attacks on six locations on Friday night, July 5th.

The group, supposedly a coalition of urban guerrillas, led by the Anonymous Fighters Force (AAF), targeted 2 security force-related buildings, 3 government offices and a security-check point within Yangon.

A post by the AAF group on Facebook claims that Bahan Township’s immigration department building, South Oakkalapa Township’s court, Hlaingtharyar Township’s eastern police station were among the targets attacked using at least 12 improvised explosive devices (IED).

Well-known anti-military local news media, such as “Khit Thit”, partially confirmed the news, claiming that at least 2 soldiers were injured in the attacks.

The report said that at there were at least two explosions in Hlaingtharyar Township, which prompted more security personnel to arrive, after which attempts to clear more IEDs caused one more to detonate, injuring two soldiers.

Independent attempts to verify the report confirmed that there were at least two attacks in South Oakklapa. Local residents also report hearing at least two blasts in Bahan Township. On the July 5th, there was a heavier than usual security presence across Yangon.

Neither the nightly news report by the state-owned TV channel nor the daily newspaper reported on the attacks.