6 June 2024

Pita Limjaroenrat has decided to step down as leader of the Move Forward party, paving the way for its committee to select his replacement, who will also become the leader of the Opposition in parliament.

The decision was made after consulting the party’s administrative board and MPs, he wrote on his Facebook page today (Friday).

His resignation comes as the new prime minister and his Cabinet officially begin work after delivering their policy statement in Parliament.

“I am now under suspension at the order of the Constitutional Court, making me unable to be the opposition leader in the near future. Therefore, to enable the Move Forward party to work in parliament, I have decided to resign and the party committee will find my replacement,” he wrote.

According to the Constitution, the House opposition leader shall be an MP who leads the political party with the largest number of opposition MPs, none of whom hold the post of government minister, House speaker or deputy speaker.

Pita, whose party has more MPs than any other in parliament, is unable to continue as leader of the Opposition because he is currently suspended from his duties as an MP, pending the outcome of a Constitutional Court case regarding his qualifications.

Therefore, his resignation will pave the way for a new opposition leader, as required by the charter.

Pita said he wishes to continue working with the Move Forward party, no matter what his status is. He will work for the changes the party’s supporters want, he wrote.

He invited all party members to meet on September 24  at the national sports stadium.