6 June 2024

A deputy leader of the Move Forward party said today (Tuesday) that he will propose to the party’s executive committee, at today’s meeting, that they vote in support of Pheu Thai party’s prime ministerial candidate in parliament.

Pol Maj Gen Suphisarn Pakdinarunart reasoned that, since the Pheu Thai party shares similar views with the Move Forward party, namely that the Constitution should be amended to remove senators’ power in the selection of the prime minister, the Move Forward party should support Pheu Thai’s candidate.

The Pheu Thai party has joined hands with the Bhumjaithai party to become the core parties in an attempt form a government, on the conditions that the lèse majesté law is left intact and the coalition will not include the Move Forward party. The party has appealed for support from senators and MPs for its prime ministerial candidate, Srettha Thavisin, so a new government can be formed without further delay.

Suphisarn said that he would personally vote for Pheu Thai’s candidate adding, however, that he will have to wait for a resolution from the executive committee.

He also said that he would not mind if Pheu Thai joins hands with the other parties in forming the government.

On the prospect of Move Forward ending up in opposition, the deputy leader said the party was in opposition for four years and has the experience.

He hopes that, one day, both Move Forward and Pheu Thai can work together “because we are friends, but our friend finds it necessary to part with us, so we have to let them go,” he said.