6 June 2024

Move Forward party candidate Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr is ahead of his closest rival from the Democrat party, Banyat Jetanachan, by a wide margin about one hour after vote counting began in the by-election in Rayong’s Constituency 3 today (Sunday).

More than half of the voters at 207 polling stations in Constituency 3 have voted for Pongsathon, after the as yet incomplete vote count started at about 5pm.

Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat said that, although his party’s candidate is currently ahead of the two other candidates, especially the Democrat candidate, the party cannot claim victory until all the votes are counted.

He said that the Rayong by-election, the first after the May 14th general election, appears to be reflecting the mood of the people, adding that the party will hold a press conference at about 8.30pm, after an unofficial poll result is announced by the provincial election commission.