6 June 2024

Most of the respondents to a National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) opinion survey support the government’s policy to reclassify cannabis as a Category 5 narcotic, while under 10% disagree.

The same survey also shows that 74.58% of the respondents agree that cannabis has medical benefits and can treat some diseases, while 19.39% say the government should not support cannabis or its products.

NIDA gauged the opinions, by telephone, of 1,310 people who are over 15 and of various educational, occupational and social backgrounds on May 14th and 15th. It set the survey’s margin of error at 3%.

53.74% said cannabis is a useful narcotic. 33.59% said it is not useful at all and 11.60% said cannabis is not a narcotic.

On the question of the reclassification of cannabis as a Category 5 substance, 60.38% said they fully support this policy, 15.27% said they support the policy, while 14.50% said they totally disagree with it and 8.93% said they disagree.

44.95% said they disagree with the idea of compensating people who have invested in cultivating or in making cannabis products, while 35% say the government must compensate them.

Asked about their personal experience with cannabis, 68.93% said they have never tried cannabis, 37.07% admitted to having had experience with cannabis as food or for recreational purposes, 52.58% said they have experienced cannabis in cooking or beverages and 15.97% said that they have used it for therapy.