Most reopening barbers and beauty salons fail to meet standards

About 63% of barber’s shops and beauty salons have failed to meet anti-COVID-19 compliance inspections since the CCSA eased lockdown restrictions on May 3rd.

Thailand’s Department of Disease Control’s deputy director-general, Dr. Danai Thiwanda, said today that, since the relaxation of the restrictions, health officials have conducted random checks on businesses allowed to reopen, to assess their performance and compliance with anti-viral measures.

Citing the performance of barber’s shops and beauty salons, which are to limit their services to hair cutting, dressing and drying only, he said that 63.08% of them do not meet the required standards for physical distancing and cleanliness.

27.18%, however, passed the inspections with high marks, and 9.74% narrowly passed.

Regarding hair-grooming and care services for pets, he said that 53% of the shops failed the inspections.

Dr. Danai also said that the random inspections found that 43.08% of barber’s shops and beauty salons failed to observe the requirement to record the names, addresses, appointment times and phone numbers of their customers, with many complaining about the inconvenience caused by doing so.

The overall performance of the six types of business and leisure activities allowed to reopen, regarding cleanliness and customer service, is good, he said.


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