6 June 2024

Monkey pox cases in Thailand have been rising since mid-April, with the number of confirmed cases reaching 787 since the infectious disease was first detected in Thailand in July 2022.

The Department of Disease Control reported that.97% of the cases are in and around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Rayong and Udon Thani, said the department’s spokesman, Dr Weerawat Manosuthi, on Wednesday.

He asked members of the public to avoid having sex with strangers and sharing personal items with individuals who may be infected, noting that everyone can get infected if they engage in high risk behaviour. 

Symptoms associated with monkey pox include rashes, clear fluid blisters or pustules near the genitals, anus, hands, chest, face or mouth, and fever.

Those who have such symptoms are advised to go to a hospital or the nearest clinic for tests, with the results usually available within 5 days, said Dr. Weerawat, adding that the tests are free of charge.

While waiting for results, he said that those who may be infected must separate themselves from other people in the same house dwelling, wear face masks to prevent spreading the diseases and use their own drinking glasses, cups, cutlery and other personal items.