11 July 2024

An intense cold front from China is moving south and is forecast to cover the northern part of Thailand from Friday until Sunday, causing temperatures in the northern and northeastern regions and the central plains to drop, according to the Meteorological Department.

In the meantime, the northeastern monsoon, which is prevailing over the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region, is gaining strength, resulting in rough seas and isolated heavy rain in the southern part of the Gulf, with more than three-metre waves in storm-hit areas.  Fishermen and sailors have been warned to exercise extra caution when they set to sea.

Between now and Friday, weather conditions in most parts of the country will get warmer, as the prevailing cold front weakens.

In the northern region, temperatures today and tomorrow are forecast to increase 1-2 degrees celcius, with fog in the morning and heavy fog in some areas. Minimum temperatures will range from 14- 21 degrees celcius and maximum temperatures from 30-35 degrees celcius.

In the Northeast, it is cool and foggy in the morning, with minimum temperatures ranging from 14-21 degrees celcius and maximum temperatures from 30-33 degrees celcius.

It will be cool and foggy in the morning in the central region, with minimum temperatures ranging from 22-24 degrees celcius and maximum temperatures from 33 to 35 degrees celcius.

The eastern region is experiencing cool weather and morning fog, with minimum temperatures ranging from 21 to 23 degrees celcius and maximum temperatures from 31 to 33 degrees celcius.