11 July 2024

Thailand has recorded one more COVID-19 fatality, bringing the total to 66 deaths, and 365 new COVID-19 infections today, bringing the national total figure to 9,331 cases.

The fatality was a driver for migrant workers in Samut Sakhon, suffereing hypertension. He developed high fever on December 27th, his blood-oxygen level fell to 76%, his lungs were inflamed and he tested positive for coronavirus. He was moved to the ICU on December 30th. Then he suffered kidney failure and his heart stopped on January 5th. Doctors were able to revive him, but his body would not respond to further treatment. He passed away due to respiratory and major organ failure.

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson for CCSA, said that the clusters of infections of most concern are those from cockfighting rings, which are mostly legal. There are currently 38 cases in Angthong, Nonthaburi, Ayuttaya, Singburia and Suphanburi, mostly male and mostly asymptomatic.

As in Rayong province, the outbreak spread from gambling dens in Muang district to as many as eight districts. These infected people were highly active, some visited markets, football fields, snooker clubs, restaurants, nightclubs and even cockfighting rings.

In the 28 red-zone areas, provincial governors have the authority to issue measures to manage the outbreak. But these three measures are mandatory; screening checkpoints, where everyone in the vehicle will be temperature checked, must have the Mor-Chana app on their phone and have to explain the necessity of their trip.

While in the highest control and strict areas, which are Samut Sakhon, Rayong, Chonburi, Chanthaburi, and Trat, would apply stricter movement and activities restrictions. The travelers entering each province have to declare evidence that they have authorization from the officials of their residence.