Medical Council to probe ethical conduct of Rama II Hospital over poor treatment of patient  

The Medical Council is to set up a panel to consider action against the management of Rama II Hospital for alleged violation of ethical conduct for its mishandling of a victim attacked with acid who eventually died while being taken to another hospital, said Dr Itthiporn Kanacharoen, the council’s secretary-general on Tuesday.

Earlier on the same day, the Health Support Service Department faulted Rama II Hospital for allegedly committing five offences for its poor handling of the victim, Ms Choladda Tharawan.

The fact-finding panel set up by the Health Support Service Department found the hospital of committing offences for allowing a nurse instead of a medical doctor to examine the conditions of the patient and failing to make a report to the doctor; not properly supervising medical practitioner after there was an order to accept the patient to be admitted for treatment; for not looking after and providing help to the patient who was at risk and in need of emergency treatment and for having the patient transferred to another hospital.

A complaint will be lodged with Tha Kham police against the hospital and its management by the fact-finding committee on Wednesday for allegedly committing five offences related to Hospital Act.

The patient, Ms Choladda ,was attacked by acid allegedly thrown at her by her husband out of jealousy on the night of November 13.  She was driven in a taxi to Rama II Hospital but was refused treatment.  She was later driven to Bang Mod Hospital in another taxi but died upon arrival there.

The alleged mishandling of the case by the Rama II Hospital which led to the death of Mrs Choladda was brought to the attention of the media and the Health Support Service Department by Mr Atchariya  Ruangrattanapong, a self-made crusader to assist crime victims.

On Monday, Mr Atchariya brought the victim’s 12-year old daughter and two taxi drivers to testify before the fact-finding panel. One cabbie was responsible for driving the victim to Rama II hospital and the other brought her to Bang Mod hospital.

Atchariya claimed that the Rama II Hospital nor the management had not offered any apology to the victim’s family.


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