Man who walked 1,200km to meet his online mate weds on Valentine’s Day

The 52-year-old Yasothon man, who started walking the 1,200km from Nakhon Nayok on January 14th to ask for the hand of his love in the southern province of Satun, whom he met online, arrived at his destination on St. Valentine’s Day today.

A huge reception was held at the Thung Wa district office to welcome the groom-to-be, Suthep Promjit, featuring a long drum procession. The district chief officer, Narong Nuniam, the MP of Constituency 2 of Satun Province and several Tambon Administrative Organisation mayors were on hand, along with dozens of relatives and friends of the bride-to-be, 56-year-old Thanapa Khiew-on, a native of Thung Wa district.

Suthep was given a surprise welcome by friends of Thanapa, who all dressed in pink, like the bride-to-be, to test whether he could identify his fiancé, since they had only met in the virtual world.

Suthep and Thanapa found each other and they embraced the moment they met, in front of a cheering crowd.

The Thung Wa district chief officer presided over the registration of their marriage and presented each of them with a marriage certificate.

On top of that, fans of Thanapa presented the couple with a pickup truck as a wedding gift, especially for Suthep who, they said, has proven true commitment by walking 1,200km to his love on Valentine’s Day.

When asked by the media, Suthep said that Thanapa perfectly meets his “specifications”.

Thanapa’s mother then blessed the couple for happiness, long-lasting love and care for each other.


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