6 June 2024

The New party, which won a single party-list House seat, has decided to pull out of the coalition led by Move Forward party after it came under attack on social media over its apparent policy on toughening the lèse majesté law.

The New party leader and party-list MP-elect Kritditat Saengthanayothin explained that his party has no plan or policy to amend the lèse majesté law, to increase the penalties up to death for violators, adding that the proposal was anopinion being expressed by a committee member, which did not reflect the party’s position.

He said, however, that he feels uncomfortable with the criticism and informed a deputy leader of the Move Forward party of his decision to withdraw from the coalition.

The New party issued a statement today (Saturday), insisting that the party has no policy to increase the penalties to include capital punishment for lèse majesté offences.

The party’s main policy is to get rid of corruption, said the statement.