23 May 2024

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, in his capacity as head of the CCSA, has listed the business and leisure activities which can resume from Sunday, in the second phase of COVID-19 lockdown relaxations.

The list, published in the Royal Gazette yesterday, includes:

  • Food and drink shops or stalls in restaurants, canteens, food parks, but without alcohol based drinks. Pubs and bars are excluded.
  • Department stores, shopping and community malls selling consumer products and offering services such as beauty and nail salons, and barbers. Cinemas, bowling alleys, computer gaming shops, skating rinks, Karaoke, amusement parks, snooker parlors, zoos, fitness clubs, health clinics, massage parlors and cramming schools in the premises must remain closed.
  • Major retail and wholesale stores.
  • Homes for the elderly or children with overnight facilities.
  • TV and film production houses, with a limit of 50 per studio and no audiences.
  • Conference rooms in hotels and conference centres for board meetings, shareholder meetings, seminars or training with attendees from a single organization to facilitate screening.
  • Health clinics, beauty clinics and nail salons outside malls, with the exception of facial treatments
  • Fitness clubs outside malls for yoga and free weight exercises only. Exercise machines and group exercises are not yet permitted.
  • In-door stadia for non-contact, competitive sports with up to 3 players on each, side such as badminton, table tennis, Sepak takraw, squash, fencing, rock climbing and gymnastics.
  • In-door and out-door public swimming pools.
  • Botanical parks, museums, galleries, libraries and learning centres.