LGBTQ+ couples can now seek mortgages from Government Housing Bank

Thailand’s Government Housing Bank (GHB) has taken a major step in recognising gender equality by allowing LGBTQ+ couples to apply for mortgages on the same basis as heterosexual couples or family members.

According to the bank, the launch of this new service is intended to help such people own a house unit or condo in their own right.

The GSB has also launched a new housing loan product, called “My Pride”, under which borrowers will be charged interest at Minimum Retail Rate (MRR) -2.40% for the first three years, which is equal to 3.75% per annum, based on the bank’s MRR rate of 6.15%.

After the first three years, the interest rate will be equal to the rate charged to ordinary borrowers.  The longest mortgage term is 40 years.

Those interested can contact any of the bank’s branch offices, its call centre, www/, their Facebook fan page or via the GHB ALL application.

On June 7th, the cabinet approved the Civil Partnership Bill which, if it becomes law, will allow a same-sex couples to register their partnership and many of the rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual couples, but it stops short of recognising same-sex marriage, only same-sex union.

On June 15th, the Thai Lower House separately passed the first reading of the Move Forward party’s Marriage Equality Bill and the government-sponsored Civil Partnership Bill.

The Marriage Equality Bill seeks to recognise same-sex marriage, proposes that the terminology used in current marriage law be changed to use “spouse”, instead of “husband” and “wife”, and would grant equal rights, duties and protection under the law as heterosexual couples.

Both bills seek to allow same-sex couples to adopt children, to make medical decisions on behalf of their partner, to make legal decisions about their partner’s assets and to inherit from their partner.


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