Korn’s party officially named “Kla” (Dare)

Logo of Korn Chatikavanij’s party, Kla

Representatives of a brand-new political party, founded by former Democrat deputy leader Korn Chatikavanij, went to the office of the Election Commission (EC) this morning to register “Kla” (Dare) as the party’s name.

“Kla” was chosen from thousands of entries submitted by members of the public and screened by a party committee.  The party has chosen February 14th, Valentine’s Day, as auspicious timing for the official announcement of its name.

Party founders, led by Mr. Atthawich Suwanpakdee, a former core member of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, which spearheaded the prolonged protests against the government of former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra in 2013-14, said in a statement that the party adopts a start-up concept and is open up to every Thai citizen “who is creative, dares to think, dares to do, dares to make changes to work together with a common ideology and pragmatism, believing in acting with professionalism in all aspects of the individuals of all genders, ages and classes.”

Atthawich said that the first mission of the new party is to select people who will be its official founders, to be registered with the EC’s office.

The party has opened a Facebook page, named Kla, and two other pages, Korn and Atthawich, as channels for communication. After the registration, a general assembly will be called, on a date yet to be set and, on the same day, the party will launch the “sandbox” online system to conduct “crowdsourcing”.

Besides Atthawich, the other members of Korn’s team are Woravuth Oonjai, an SME specialist, music artist Moncheep Sivasinangkoon and young designer Ms. Benjarong Tharana.



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