Joyful wild elephants in Nam Nao national park in Thailand’s Phetchabun

(Photo) Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Thailand’s Department of National Parks (DNP), Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) published photos of a herd of wild elephants feeding and playing in the mud at Namnao national park on Friday. The picture shows the herd, comprising a leader with young and baby elephants, enjoying each other’s company.

The DNP said that it wanted the public to see the richness of the area and how wildlife is important to the natural balance. “By seeing the beautiful wildlife, the public will grow fond of Thailand’s natural resources and want to protect them” said the DNP.

Nam Nao was designated as one of Thailand’s national parks in 1972. The area covers 1,000 km² in the mountainous forests of the provinces of Phetchabun and Chaiyaphum in Thailand’s northeastern region.

The park is famous for its majestic mountains with mixture of forests, grasslands and jungle. It also contains a wide variety of flora and fauna, adventurous trails, wildlife and bird watching along with some stunning viewpoints. It is one of Thailand’s most popular natural attractions, especially during the cold season when tourists expect to see the forests blanketed in early morning mist.


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