21 May 2024

Scientific Crime Detection Division officers have managed to retrieve footage, which was thought to have been deleted, from three bodycams worn by the Huai Khwang police officers implicated in the recent extortion scandal.

Pol Lt-Gen Thiti Sangsawang, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB), assured the public yesterday (Friday) that no files had been deliberately deleted from the bodycams, but some of them might have disappeared due to a problem with the storage system.

He admitted, however, that he is unsure whether the three bodycams had recorded the incident on the night that the seven officers allegedly extorted 27,000 baht from a Taiwanese actress, claiming she had an e-cigarette in her possession.

Pol Maj-Gen Thiradet Thammasutee, the investigative commander of the MPB, said that they will examine the smart phones of more Huai Khwang officers, to find out if there were any suspicious calls which might be linked to the extortion scandal.

Six Huai Khwang police officers implicated in the extortion scandal, two commissioned and four non-commissioned officers, have been dismissed from the police service and are currently detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison, pending the outcome of the investigation.