6 June 2024

Thai police on the Pha-ngan Island in Surat Thani province have launched an investigation after human body parts were found in a plastic bag at a garbage dump on the island.

Police believe that the remains belong to a foreign male of unknown nationality and that he was killed no more than 48 hours before the discovery. The remains have been sent to Pha-ngan Hospital for examination.

The blue plastic bag was among rubbish collected by a municipal garbage truck from Ban Thong Sala for separation, before being dumped in a landfill. During the separation process, the bag was opened and the body parts were discovered.

Police have questioned the garbage truck driver to ascertain exactly where the blue plastic bag was found.

A police source said that they have not received any report of a missing person which would possibly help in the identification of the victim. Police suspect that the killer or killers knew the victim.