Help sought for Thais trapped in Lombok landslide

A Thai female tourist who claimed to be among 150-200 Thai tourists trapped at a lake in the Gunung Rinjani national park of Indonesia has asked for help to get them out.

A Facebook post under the name of Irene Tunwakhom reads as follows:  “Anybody please coordinate for us.  We are trapped at the lake at the foot of Rinjani volcano.  There are between 150-200 Thais.  Now, everyone is safe, but cannot travel out because of constant landslides.”

A powerful earthquake measured at 6.4 magnitude struck popular tourist destination of Lombok this morning, killing at least three people and causing extensive damages to buildings.

Another Thai sent a voice clip to former Channel 3 anchorman Sorayuth Suthassanachinda who posted in online.

The voice clip says the following:  “We are trapped here at kilometer marker 10.  There are landslides all the time.  There are about 500 people, 80 percent of them Thais.  There are aftershocks non-stop.  At about 3 am, the guide told us that some foreigners walked up there.  We haven’t found any evacuation centre.  But the Thais walked toward there in the morning.  Now, we have arrived at the camp site.  We need help because of the non-stop aftershocks. The volcano crater is behind us, but there is no way to go.  The sky is occasionally overcast and the road is closed.

“Please give us advice of what to do because our guide can’t help much.  We want advice on evacuation and safe sheltering.  The guide said he would bring us out tomorrow.  But there are landslites throughout the route all the time.  We have enough food until tomorrow morning because, accordance with the original plan, we will start leaving.”


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