11 July 2024

Opting for less meat in a meal has a direct impact not just on your heart, but also your health. Let’s see here how a new perspective of eating well means cutting down on meat.

A unanimous voice from chefs and cooks I met is that the most important ingredient in a dish is the ingredients themselves. The quality of them all, that always makes a huge factor in the quality of a dish.


The Vegetarian Festival is ongoing again this year. And each year, we see almost identical dishes presented in the marketing world of the meatless gourmet. But now that eaters are wiser, more people are looking deeper into the quality of their food. If they have a choice, that is.

Eating, for me, should be the chance we get to treat ourself. Three times a day, at least, that we can choose to bring the best things we can afford and find to nourish our body. As a food writer, I had some wonderful chances to roam around and observe.

Sometimes I even took the class, some of which provided me with a new perspective towards food in general. And when it comes to eating deliciously without meat, I for one advocate that you can do that more often and more regularly because going meat-free impacts not only your religious beliefs and rituals, but also your health, too.


I found out first hand how eating less meat is great for my health. I am no vegetarian, by all means. And I still enjoy some meats. But I found myself more and more into the subtle tastes of vegetables. Different kinds, different deliciousness. Milder, naturally sweetness and wonderful textures of fresh produce when cooked well or differently make hearty, delicious, and substantial meals. Forget the notion that veggies are boring. They come in various colours, textures, tastes, and all that makes a wonderful meal. Reduce the meat intake, and you will feel the lightness of your body. This is because the less meat you eat, the less work your body has to digest. That means more power and energy are left for your body to excel, a better physical health in general.


I am writing this from my own experience. Skipping meats, for me, also means a cheap way to sustain weight loss and a better, clearer skin. When the digestion is great and more effective, the first thing you notice is the lack of sluggishness.

Less bloating, more physical comforts in general. I felt it right after one meal of no meat. Hungry? Not really, because I tend to not think about ‘not eating meat’ as a struggle and enjoy my food as usual.


Many tasty Thai dishes are naturally vegetarian, some even vegan. They do not even depend on fake meats, impossible creations or whatsoever that is now getting to inundating the meatless territories. I was excited about the taste of the beef from the research labs too, until, yes, I finally had one and came to realise for once and for all that nothing beats the real thing. But I saw the efforts, though.


Let it be said that all dishes can be made vegetarian. Some even required to be so, or vegan, too. Somtam (Thai Esan Papaya spicy salad) does not always contain any meat. Take a simple grated green papaya and lightly pound it with garlic, chillies, the flavouring only needs fresh limes, palm sugar, and salt. And there you have it, a base for other textures – toasted peanuts come to mind. No meat, and very tasty.


Coconut milk has become a sensation of late thanks to its being a natural vegan. A deliciously sweet, aromatic one at it, too. Coconut milk is a soul of Thai cuisine, savouries and sweets. And that means using coconut milk instead of cow milk is also an affordable and wonderful way to avert from foods that involve animal treatments. And with that, we have a vast array of meat-free desserts – durian and sticky rice, mango and sticky rice, bua loi dumpling in coconut milk, and more fruits and veggies in coconut milk. And while this might sound like a heavy leaning on desserts, think about any type of curries you like, and substitute the meat with more veggies. I have done it, they are delish and wholesome.

At a plant-based cuisine cooking class, more veggies are explored for new tastes and textures. The idea is that we should eat well every time. Young jackfruit with its dense and chewy flesh is boiled to tender and hand-pulled. They become a naturally chewy with a subtle sweetness ingredients so versatile it could be used in a various way. I love this. A lot of healthy nutrients and fibre. All great if you think about it. And for me, an avid animal lover, I couldn’t be happier with that meatless choice.


And good news is opting a meat-free meal does not have to be seasonal. This is your choice. Opting for veggies instead of meats. Try, and I hope you like it and have more of it regularly. Note: The Vegetarian Festival is now ongoing from September 29 – October 7, 2019.

By : Ohhappybear