6 June 2024

The 25 police officers who were at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka “Kamnan Nok”, were questioned today (Saturday) by Crime Suppression Division officers, as another team located a handgun, believed to have been used by the now dead gunman in the murder of a highway police officer and the wounding of another at Praween’s house on Wednesday night.

A worker at the house in Nakhon Pathom province was questioned by CSD officers for several hours today, before he admitted to disposing of the gun, as ordered by the sub-district chief Praween, after the shooting.

He later led investigators to a spot near a swamp in Mueang district, where he buried the handgun wrapped in a piece of cloth. The weapon was found and submitted for ballistic tests, to confirm whether it is the actual the gun used in the shootings.

Meanwhile, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police chief, told the media today that the people who were at Praween’s house were separated into three groups, one responsible for destroying evidence and removing surveillance cameras in the compound of the house, a second responsible for aiding in the escape of Praween and the gunman and a third group, who simply dispersed after the shooting.

He claimed that police had found evidence to prove that Praween was directly involved in the fatal shooting, but he declined to elaborate.

As for the 25 police officers at the house on that evening, he said investigators have been trying to discover whether any of them were involved in destroying evidence, helping in the escape of the two murder suspects or failed to do their duty as a crime was committed and dispersed immediately after the shooting.

Surachate said that the case is not complicated and the investigation is expected to be concluded soon.