23 May 2024

The Office of the Secretary-General of the Cabinet has released the 66-page full text of the government’s policy statement, which includes 12 major policies and 12 emergency policies.

Amending the Constitution, specifically on the methods and rules for amending the charter, is one of the 12 emergency policies, but public opinion must be sought regarding the amendments.

The 12 major policies include:

  • Protection of the Monarchy
  • Enhancement of national security, peace and order
  • Promotion of religions, arts and cultures
  • Promotion of Thailand’s role in the international arena
  • Development of national economy and competitiveness
  • Development of economic zones and distribution of prosperity to the countryside
  • Development from the ground up
  • Reform of the learning process and capacity development for all Thais
  • Development of the health system and social security
  • Rehabilitation of natural resources and sustainable conservation of the environment
  • Reform of the government sector
  • Prevention and suppression of corruption and of abuses of the judicial procedure

The government also pledges to implement 11 other emergency policies which include:

  • Addressing the basic problems of the people
  • Improving the welfare system and the quality of life of the people
  • Rolling out measures to cushion impacts from global economic volatility
  • Provision of help to farmers and development of innovations
  • Upgrading of skills
  • Setting the groundwork for the country’s future economy
  • Preparing Thai people for the 21st century
  • Addressing corruption in political and bureaucratic circles
  • Tackling illegal narcotics and unrest in the Deep South
  • Development of public services
  • Addressing drought and flooding problems for the future

Meanwhile, a team of 70 speakers from the Palang Pracharat, Democrat and Bhumjaithai parties has been lined up to defend the government’s policies as well as the Prime Minister, who is expected to be grilled by the Opposition over his questionable qualifications to assume the post-election prime minister’s post.

The party is holding a seminar in Wang Nam Khieu district of Nakhon Ratchasima province today and tomorrow to prepare to defend the government’s policies.

Government chief whip Mr. Wirat Rattanaseth said that the party had been preparing for the policy statement debate for the past two months and the seminar today and tomorrow is the final.

He disclosed that the party’s team of speakers will be divided into two groups, one focusing on the policies and the other on parliamentary rules to make sure that the opposition MPs do not break any rule during the debate.

The government side will be allotted 30 hours for the debate.