Police battle protesters as Parliament debates charter bills

As parliamentarians debated the bills seeking to amend the constitution, police battled anti-government protesters trying to break through barriers outside the Parliament at Kiakkai intersection. At one point scuffles also…

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A closer look at the charter bill dividing Parliament – and the nation

Parliament today begins a two-day debate on seven motions seeking amendments to the Constitution, but public attention will be focused on the bill proposed by iLaw aimed at the most…

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Bid to amend 2017 Constitution may just be a vicious cycle

The fate of Thailand’s Constitution is hanging in the balance after Parliament last week failed to vote on whether it should be amended. Instead, lawmakers, mainly government MPs and senators,…

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Case against setting up charter drafting assembly

That one idea is popular does not necessarily mean it is the most workable, and this can be applied to a favourite concept of the hours, which calls for an…

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Government policies released, with pledge regarding charter amendments

The Office of the Secretary-General of the Cabinet has released the 66-page full text of the government’s policy statement, which includes 12 major policies and 12 emergency policies. Amending the…

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Economy, charter changes, graft to test Democrat-Palang Pracharat ties

This week’s introduction of the Democrat Party’s “Avengers” team was not just a PR stunt by a reeling political camp seeking to capitalize on a big movie hype. It was…

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