6 June 2024

The giant rubber duck is back in Hong Kong waters, a decade after its debut in the city. This time round, there are two of them. They tested out the waters in Tsing Yi Thursday morning. The rubber duck is back with an extra companion.

This year’s exhibition, titled ”Double Ducks,” will feature two inflatables standing at 18 metres tall — among the tallest in the world.

This morning, they departed from a dockyard in Tsing Yi and ”swam” for around two hours against the backdrop of Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge.

The ducks were masterminded by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, and from 2007 onwards, they’ve been exhibited in Australia, Brazil and more.

It first made an appearance in Victoria Harbour in 2013 and stayed for several months. It was seen by close to 8 million people, capturing the attention of local residents and tourists alike and prompting a wave of selfie fever.

The sole inflatable duck was slightly shorter than the new ones, standing at only 16.5 metres tall.

Hofman was present at the opening ceremony. During its first stay in Hong Kong, it had once lost air and deflated but was quickly fixed and ”swam” in the harbour again.

Organisers AllRightsReserved said Hong Kong will be the first stop and that more details will be disclosed on June 1st. They hope to inspire the public through the artist’s freewheeling imagination and childlike wonder.