6 June 2024

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) has ordered a recount of the votes cast at 47 polling stations, after it was discovered that the number of ballots cast in the May 14th general election does not match the number of voters who showed up to vote.

An informed source close to the EC said that the mismatch concerns constituency ballots at 16 polling stations and party-list ballots in 31, out of a total of 95,000 polling stations across the country.

The source did not specify where the 47 polling stations are located, but said that the discrepancy between the ballots cast and the number of voters who showed up may affect the votes for each party, especially as it concerns the party-list candidates.

The vote recount will be held this Sunday and the election directors in the provinces where the 47 polling units are located have been instructed to make preparations.

The results of the recount will be submitted to the EC quickly, so the votes received by each party can be updated and, possibly, a recalculation of the distribution of party-list seats undertaken.

The EC expects that it will be able to approve the official poll results this month.

The official poll results at present are:

  • Move Forward: 112 constituency seats and 39 party-list seats
  • Pheu Thai: 112 constituency seats and 29 party-list seats
  • Bhumjaithai: 68 constituency seats and 3 party-list seats
  • Palang Pracharath: 39 constituency seats and 1 party-list seat
  • United Thai Nation: 23 constituency seats and 13 party-list seats
  • Democrat: 22 constituency seats and 3 party-list seats
  • Chartthaipattana: 9 constituency seats and 1 party-list seat
  • Prachachat: 7 constituency seats and 2 party-list seats
  • Thai Sang Thai: 5 constituency seats and 1 party-list seat
  • Pheu Thai Ruam Palang: 2 constituency seats
  • Chartpattanakla: 1 constituency and 1 party-list seats

Thai Liberal, New Democracy, Mai, Party of Thai Counties, Fair, Plung Sungkom Mai and Thai Teachers for People parties won one party-list seat each.