Fossilised carnivorous dinosaur footprints found in Kalasin’s Phu Faek forest

More than 10 fossilised footprints, believed to have belonged to a species of carnivorous dinosaur, have been found in a huge sand stone bed in Phu Faek forest park, in Na Khu district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Kalasin.

According to the Department of Mineral Resources, Damrongsak Chusrithong, the head of the forest park, and officials went to the park to investigate, after a villager fromBan Nam Kham, in Phu Laen Chang sub-district, reported the find.

The footprints range in length from 21cm to 30cm and are from 17-31cm wide. The officials said that the prints belong to a small meat-eating dinosaur, which stood about two metres tall and was about five metres long. It lived about 140 million years ago and this is the first find of this species in Thailand.

Millions of years ago, Phu Faek forest park was home to many species of dinosaur, as evidenced by the discovery of fossilized footprints in the park, which has become a tourist attraction.


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