6 June 2024

Former leader of Move Forward party, Pita Limjaroenrat, was booed by students and alumni of the Bangkok Christian College at the Jaturamit football tournament final, between Bangkok Christian College and Suan Kularb College, at the National Stadium late Saturday afternoon.

As a former student of the Bangkok Christian College, Pita, wearing the purple T-shirt of the school, joined many other alumni in cheering for the team of his alma mater. Other celebrities and politicians, who are also alumni of the two finalists and two other schools, Assumption and Thepsirin, were also present after a four-year suspension of the tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During half-time, an aging alumnae stood up from his seat in the stands and pointed in the direction of Pita and booed. Several others in the stand followed suit.

Then another alumnae on the pitch walked to the stand where Pita was seated and displayed a T-shirt, bearing the message: “None of your business”, apparently in protest against a campaign by some members of the Move Forward party and anti-establishment activist groups, calling for an end to card stunts, which are planned, coordinated sequences of actions performed by an audience, whose members raise cards which, together, create a recognisable image. Such stunts have been an integral part of student activities at the traditional Jaturamit football tournament involving the four colleges. More booing ensued.

A huge banner, carrying the message: “Stop the card stunts”, was hung from the top of a building, opposite the National Stadium. It is alleged to have been installed by an anti-establishment activist group.

Pita, who appeared embarrassed by the protest, is reported to have said that he had nothing to do with the campaign.

Dr. Kittitat Chaiprasit, an independent scholar, said in his Facebook post that the campaign against card stunts was intended to stir up trouble but, instead, it has backfired against the campaigners.

Photo by เพจวันนี้ก้าวไดลโกหกอะไร