6 June 2024

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, this photo exhibition, by 2 globetrotting Canadian photographers, tells the beautiful story of the relationship between Thailand and Canada.

“Take your seat with us and explore the beauty of Canada and Thailand.”

These beautiful pictures were taken both in Thailand and Canada by Randy VanDerStarren and Spencer VanDerStarren, a father and his son from Canada, who work together to showcase the distinctive beauty and similarities of Thailand and Canada through photography, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations.

Each image will have a red and white director’s chair in the scene. As Dr. Sarah Taylor, the Ambassador of Canada to Thailand, said that she loves that the chair provides a human connection.

Spencer VanDerStarren, photographer and digital director of the exhibition, said that “This white and red director’s chair has so far been to 14 countries. It is a symbol that you are the director of your life. You are making the choices. You are the director.

To celebrate the diplomatic relations between Canada and Thailand, there is a “diplomacy wall”, which will display to the visitors the similarities between the two countries.

For Randy VanDerStarren, who chose Thailand for his first exhibition, he said that the country is very special for him.

Randy said that Thailand, to him, is the first country he has ever shot. And now, to be here to share the work with Thai people, it’s a big honour. It’s also a complete circle.

For people who want to enjoy the interactive experience of “Take Your Seat Together with us: Explore the beauty of Canada and Thailand” photo exhibition, it is showcasing at ICONLUXE Pop-Up Space on the 1st floor of ICONSIAM from the 1st of April to the 30th.