Excessive PM2.5 pollution in most of northern Thailand on Wednesday

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PM2.5 dust in most northern provinces today (Wednesday) exceeds the safety level, being measured at between 61 and 200 microns. The situation is likely to deteriorate in the coming days, according to the Pollution Control Department.

The level of PM2.5 in most of Bangkok and its suburbs has been measured at between 39 and 114 microns, compared to the safety level in Thailand of 50 microns.

Only five areas in the north-east are reported to have excessive levels of PM2.5, measured between 23 and 130 microns.

Most central and western provinces also report high levels of air pollution, measured at between 39 and 67 microns, while only three areas in the east have excessive particulate matterin the atmosphere, measured at between 33 and 52 microns.

The South is the only region where the air quality is good, with low levels of PM2.5, measured at 14-39 microns.

Those living in areas with health-threatening levels of PM2.5 are advised to avoid all out-door activities and wear their face mask if it is necessary to go outdoors.

In areas with less pollution, people are still advised to reduce their outdoor activities and to wear face masks while going outdoor.


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