6 June 2024

Exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has made clear that the Pheu Thai party, his family and himself are loyal to and have respect for the monarchy and he hopes that the Move Forward party will not do anything which may adversely affect the revered institution.

Thaksin was responding to a fan on the Clubhouse online chat room on Tuesday night who asked him about the Move Forward party’s policy to amend the kingdom’s lèse majesté law, criticism of Pheu Thai’s position vis-à-vis the lèse majesté law and its partnership with Move Forward party in the formation of a new government.

Thaksin said he and his family have been and remain loyal to the monarchy, adding that he does not mind the criticism of the Pheu Thai party over its position regarding the monarchy.

“I have not fought in order to hurt the institution. I have fought for political victory,” said Thaksin, adding that the wedding between him and Khunying was royally sponsored.

“Regarding awareness (of the monarchy), it has always been in my mind. It is impossible for me not to have such awareness,” said the former prime minister.

“Assuming that the Pheu Thai party is to join in a coalition with Move Forward party, whatever the Move Forward does, I hope it will not do anything which will affect the monarchy, we would not agree with that. This is normal, we are not extreme conservatives, but we are Thai people, we respect the monarchy. This is it.” said Thaksin.

Although Thaksin has been living in exile for the 17 years since he was ousted in a coup in 2006 and sentenced to a prison term, he still wields strong influence over the Pheu Thai party.