6 June 2024

Egg prices in Thailand are steadily climbing and have been adjusted five times between January last year and May this year, due mainly to increased production costs and unusually hot weather, which results in fewer and smaller eggs being produced by laying hens.

According to the Egg Merchant Trade Association and the Association of Hen-Egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters, the ex-farm price of eggs was adjusted on January 10th, 2022 to 3 baht each, from 2.80 baht, then to 3.30 baht on March 17th and 3.40 baht on March 24th of the same year, then to 3.60 baht on March 23rd this year and to 3.80 baht on May 15th.

Based on size, egg prices today (Tuesday) in markets and grocery stores are:

  • 4.30 baht/each for No 0 eggs, or 129 baht per pack of 30
  • 4.10 baht/each for No 1 eggs, or 123 baht per pack
  • 3.90 baht/each for No 2 eggs, or 117 baht per pack
  • 3.80 baht/each for No 3 eggs, or 114 baht per pack

An egg vendor at Mahanak market told Thai PBS reporters that eggs from farms have become scarce and some of them are rotten at this time of the year, causing prices to increase.

Street food vendors said that they are charging 10 baht for a fried egg, because they are paying about five baht each for them.