EC chairman admits poll results may not  be announced  by May 9

The Election Commission is not certain that it will be able to announce the election results within May 9 as it earlier pledged, EC chairman Itthiporn Boonprakong said today.

However, he stressed that the election agency will  do its best to announce the results of the March 24 election as quickly as possible.

May 9 is the last day of the 150-day timeline that the election must be held after the promulgation of the charter-mandated Election Act.  There are split opinions about the announcement of election results whether it is part of the election process and must be subject to the 150-day timeline.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam earlier said that if there is a problem, the EC can consult the Constitutional Court.

EC secretary-general Jarungvith Phumma, meanwhile, warned election candidates to prepare relevant documents required when they register their candidacy on February 4-8.

The documents include personal income tax return forms for the past three years from 2016-18 and for the forms for the past year, candidates can ask from the Revenue Department for submission to the EC on the date of their registration to contest the poll.

According to the election law, candidates are also required to notify the EC about the social media channels through which they use for election campaigning as a precaution against fake social media accounts.

The EC secretary-general said that the EC would hold discussions with Google Thailand on how to calculate expenses of online electoral campaign.  He also warned candidates to refrain from using social media to defame or make charges against the other candidates or they will face criminal litigation.


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