23 May 2024

Thailand looks set to enter this year’s rainy season next Monday. It will last through to mid-October and signals the end of the long hot summer, with a forecast for about 5% less than average rainfall, according to the Meteorological Department.

Most of Thailand is forecast to see more rain as high-altitude air currents, about 3.5km from the surface, will change direction to south-westerly, while the higher-altitude currents will turn easterly.

These weather fluctuations are forecast to bring humidity from the Andaman Sea across the country, said the Weatherman, adding that, during June and July, Thailand may experience a shortage of rainfall, leading to droughts in some areas, especially outside irrigation zones.

Rainfall will resume in August and September and there is the possibility of a tropical storm blowing over the north and north-east, which may cause heavy to very heavy precipitation, resulting in flash floods or river overflows in some areas.