6 June 2024

Defiant Pita vows to stay put in 8-party coalition

Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat told supporters in Pattaya today (Saturday) that he will not allow his party to be ejected from the coalition of eight parties, currently engaged in attempting to form a government.

Speaking before hundreds of supporters in front of the Jom Thien hotel in Pattaya, Pita said “I don’t know who wants me to be thrown overboard, but I will not allow it. If a boat leaks, we all must help to plug the hole, not throw people from the boat.” This was his first public address since the Constitutional Court suspended him from performing duties as an MP last Wednesday.

Braving heavy rain, the defiant party leader said that the eight coalition parties must try to form the government, to meet the aspirations of the 25 million peoples who voted for them.

They should not allow 250 senators to negate the people’s wish for a “people’s government”, said Pita in his address.

The Move Forward party won seven out of 10 constituency seats and bagged 420,000 party-list votes in Chon Buri province.