Crackdown launched against illegal car parking and  driving by motorbikes on sidewalks

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration launched a city-wide crackdown on Thursday against motorcycle riding or car parking on sidewalks.

The crackdown was focused on 115 points of sidewalks where there have been numerous complaints against car parking or driving of motorcycles.  City police have been deployed to man all the 115 points, with a table being placed at each of the points to issue tickets to the violators.

Bangkok deputy governor Sakonthee Patthiyakul said that city police could immediately arrest and fine violators on the spot, with the maximum amount of fine as high as 5,000 baht.  But he said violators would be initially fined 500 baht.

He said he expected the tough measure could change the habit of the violators if they were caught and fined 2-3 times.  He, however, noted that this would also depend on the city police whether they would strictly enforce the law.

Sakonthee admitted that previous campaigns to crack down on illegal car parking on sidewalks and illegal driving on footpaths by motorcyclists had been a complete failure because no officials were deployed on the sidewalks where violations often took place.

Sidewalks with the most reported violations are in Huey Khwang, Chatuchak and Rama IV areas.


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