23 May 2024

The Thai Real Estate Association and related agencies are discussing ways to control the spread of COVID-19 among construction workers, amidst rising concerns that it could delay construction of many buildings, which will lead to an increased contraction of the real estate sector.

Thailand’s real estate construction is worth an average of 1 trillion baht each year. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put most construction work on hold, will eventually further contribute to the country’s economic slowdown, said Patai Padungtin, CEO of the Builk One Group.

Mr. Patai feels that the government should help small contractors to verify information on their construction workers’ whereabouts, using the Thai Chana app, while contractors should reduce the number of workers on site

There are currently 1.1 million legal migrant workers in Thailand, about half of whom work in construction. Most worker housing facilities are less than hygienic and the workers do not have adequate access to medical care, which means that infections are likely to increase, according to Adisorn Kerdmongkol, Coordinator of the Migrant Working Group (MWG).

Meanwhile, President of the Thai Real Estate Organization, Pornnarit Chuanchaisit, said there are many more construction workers than medical personnel, so vaccinations may not cover all of them or contain the spread. 

519 construction workers in Nonthaburi province tested positive for COVID-19 today. 1,107 confirmed cases, out of 1,667 workers tested, have been found in Bangkok’s Laksi district alone.