23 May 2024

An executive of J&B Metal Company has claimed that his purchase, through auction, of cadmium slag from Bound and Beyond Plc, a company in Tak province, and the transport of the slag to Samut Sakhon were legitimate and that he might be a victim of foul play by his competitors.

Jesada Kengrungruangchai reported to the Natural Resources and Environment Crime Division (NRECD) today, to acknowledge the charges against him.

Pol Maj-Gen Watcharin Phusit, commander of the NRECD, said that Jesada was charged with illegal possession of toxic materials, because the company’s warehouse in Bang Na Jeod sub-district does not have a license to store them.

A warehouse in Krathum Baen district, belonging to others, where cadmium slag was stored, as well as the warehouse of Lor Loha Thai Metal in Bang Sue district of Bangkok, in which Jesada is a shareholder, have no licenses to store toxic materials either, said the police officer.

Jesada claims that he bought 13,800 tonnes of slag, which contained about 38% cadmium slag, for about 8 million baht for the purpose of separating the zinc content, which can fetch up to 300 baht per kilogram.

He claimed that he did not want the cadmium slag, adding that the cadmium had already been neutralised at its source.

He said that he actually received only 12,000 tonnes of the slag.

Jesada also claimed that he kept the slag at various warehouses, because his warehouse did not have enough space to store all of it. He said that he sold some of it because he was short of cash, adding that he is in the process of selling some more of it to a buyer in Laos, who operates a separation facility.

He said he believes that he is a victim of foul play by someone who lost in the initial auction of the slag.