11 July 2024

Cold weather is returning to Bangkok, the northern and north-eastern regions of Thailand during Christmas, but no forecast of a “White Christmas”.

The Meteorological Department reported today that temperatures in northern and north-eastern provinces will dip 2-4oC during December 24-27, with minimum temperatures ranging between 14-22oC in low-lying areas and 6-15oC in the highlands.

Bangkok, its suburbs and the eastern region will experience cool weather, with minimum temperatures ranging from 19-23oC, while the southern region will experience less rain.

The cold weather is being attributed to the arrival of a moderate cold front from China, which is covering the northern part of Thailand and the South China Sea, compounded by the high-altitude westerly wind over the northern and north-eastern regions.

The north-eastern monsoon, which is covering the Gulf and southern Thailand, is weakening, according to the Weatherman.